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The Carissa Fund

FlowerThe Carissa Fund is the name of the student sponsorship fund that enables students to attend Capernwray Bible School who might not otherwise be able to. It is named ‘Carissa’ after Ron and Maryanne Lowery’s first daughter Carissa who died when she was just thirteen days old. (Ron was the Principal of the Bible School at that time).

The Fund enables the faculty to accept some students on to the course who would not otherwise have the funds to do so. Occasionally Capernwray will use the Fund to cover all a student’s fees but more often it is used to reduce them.

Students who benefit in this way are often asked to take on extra responsibilities or duties in recognition of the benefit received. They may also be asked to repay the fees waived if or when their financial circumstances so permit.

If you are interested in contributing to The Carissa Fund and therefore investing in the lives of such young people, you can make a financial donation by clicking on the following link:

Click here to link to the donations page

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