As part of the Torchbearers ministry, the BML programme was established to offer Bible-based business training for those wanting to go deeper into God’s word and discover how applicable it is for the Christian Life – especially in the workplace! We want to encourage students to take God seriously and challenge their ideas about how to be effective in business, ministry and leadership. Using Biblical examples of how to operate professionally with integrity in a way that pleases and glorifies God, BML offers Bible based teaching primarily for Christians either in full time ministry or in the secular workplace.

- Currently BML courses are only running in New Zealand,. For enquiries about other locations click here.

Course Aims & Objectives

  • To teach biblical truth in a bright and relevant way
  • To identify and challenge ideas, attitudes and behaviour that may conflict with God’s word and his standards
  • To establish God’s principles for Christian living in all areas of life, particularly in the workplace.
  • To be able to deal with conflict at work as a Christian
  • To equip people with skills and training to help them work profes-sionally whilst maintaining integrity

The general course content consists of the following elements:

  • Apologetics and scriptural integrity
  • Business models in scripture
  • Ministry in the workplace
  • Professionalism in ministry
  • What the Bible says specifically about Strategy, Planning, Management, Marketing, Money, Leadership

"As Christians we can see people either work for the church or have a secular job and we can feel guilty working in ‘the world’. BML has shown me that ‘where’ I work isn’t as important as ‘how’ I work. Whatever I do is ministry and can glorify God."

"One important lesson I’ve learned during BML is that good leadership always starts with focusing on God. What he says about leadership and my relationship with him is the most important thing when it comes to how I work."




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