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Before you apply "PLEASE" read this

The Adventure Bible School (ABS) is run on a “need to know basis”, so you may not know what you will be doing from moment-to-moment, day-to-day. From your exercise in the morning to your return to camp at the end of the day, there will always be an element of surprise! - Note: this does not mean that we have not planned it!

The nature of our activities and the unique character of the outdoors, means that risk cannot be completely eliminated.
To manage the risks inherent in what we do, Adventure Ministries of Capernwray New Zealand has an extensive Safety Management System (SMS) which includes:
  • Comprehensive policies on all aspects of our operation including staff, equipment, activities and safety procedures
  • Hazard assessment and Risk Management plans and Standard Operating Procedures for all activities
  • Emergency procedures
  • Instructor competencies
  • Safety checks & logs of safety equipment
  • Although there is always a level of risk in any outdoor activity, our goal is to provide the safest experience possible, in a supportive and fun environment
The SMS and associated documents can be made available for participants to view on application to Adventure Ministries Director.


This is an outdoor course with a high level of activity. While you don't need to be an expert, you do need to be physically able to participate in the course / activities. If you are carrying a pre-existing injury, you may be excluded from certain activities for safety reasons (if in doubt please contact us). If you sustain an injury after application and prior to the course commencement, please contact us immediately to discuss. While some injuries can be accommodated, it may be best to post-pone to a later course, or withdraw (with full refund if we can replace you from someone on the waiting list).

> If you suffer from bi-polar disorder, this course may place significant stress on you. We recommend that you do not apply

> If you suffer from an eating disorder you will probably be excluded from some activities for safety reasons

We reserve the right to remove students from the course who have not disclosed medical or health conditions in their application forms. We also reserve the right to remove students from the course at any time for safety reasons.

What do I bring on ABS?

There is some special equipment that you will need to have to experience a safe and enjoyable ABS course. As ABS is an outdoor based course, you will likely experience all the weather patterns New Zealand has to offer! It is essential to have the right stuff for the job.

You can purchase the necessary items here in New Zealand when you arrive, but it is recommended to bring it with you as the items maybe more expensive here than in your home country.

If you come without the requested items, you will be required to purchase them at your own cost on arrival.

Click below to download the Equipment List

ABS Equipment List ABS Equipment List (390 KB)

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